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This is a great fucking movie with very funny performances by Grant, Hepburn and Jimmy Stewart (in an Oscar winning role). Hepburn and Tracy play a married couple, both attorneys (he's the assistant D. and she is a strong independent woman lawyer person) who end up on different sides in an attempted murder trial that makes big headlines and maybe there's some women's rights shit or whatever. Overall, not as good as Koepp's previous effort STIR OF ECHOES but perfectly enjoyable. Typical of this era in Disney the animation is nowhere near the quality of SNOW WHITE AND THE SEVEN DWARFS and PINOCCHIO and shit and a lot of the animation has been cannibalized from other Disney movies (recognized Marion's dancing as Snow White's immediately) but it still has that Disney quality that I really fucking miss where all the characters just really seem alive.

The line that had me rolling the most was a exclamatory "SHUT THE FUCK UP! I guess it was really the first time anyone cussed in the film, and it was great comedic timing. 9/10 - I don't see a lot of documentaries, but this was entertaining. If the opening with a kid that looks exactly like a young Jack Black, Meatloaf, and Ronnie James Dio don't do it for you, stop the movie. It was pretty badass, and I got the suggestion to watch it in the OLEG thread. Although I have to admit that the makers of this should have sued the shit out of the folks that made THE FIFTH ELEMENT. But I kept picturing Cigur and I was waiting for him togo psycho on people. It was like assholes kept taking out their cell phones or something. 9/10.- This is the kind of shit that my fiance makes me watch. - How come there wasn't more buzz about this come awards time. The final "Beatdown" section was pretty entertaining, because it felt like Bloodsport or something, but too much of this felt like a soap opera. A lot has been made of the "get off my lawn scene," but I really liked the scene where he totally punked those three black guys and where he beat down the lone Asian kid. I'm not the biggest fan of musicals, though I can get up on a MOULIN ROUGE! Snipes is kickass as usual (his first scene with the Bloodpack is a highlight).Anyway, good work all you dead people in this movie. "I thought all writers drank to excess and beat their wives.You know, at one time I think I secretly wanted to be a writer." I think I'm beginning to guy-love Cary Grant a little. My exploration into the world of Katharine Hepburn continues in this 1949 comedy, starring Hepburn and long-time naughty not-very-secret lover Spencer motherfucking Tracy. I had not seen this children's cartoon featuring singing animals in many years.6/10 - It was interesting just to set there watching this, but it didn't feel like a movie at all. If anyone could shed some light on the shit I'm missing that made this better than a pretty turd, I'd like to hear it. It was all believable, and I miss balls to the wall, no excuse films like this. But after Dolph nails Charlotte Lewis (of THE GOLDEN CHILD and also that vampire movie where she did stuff to Alyssa Milano), he decides he'd like to help the islanders and maybe some of the mercenaries aren't cool with that so there's the big third act where some mercenaries stay to defend the island and the rest pledge their allegiance to fucking Kevin Tighe and Kano from MORTAL KOMBAT. A B-movie with nice cinematography, actually shot on fucking location with real assholes in the jungle and shit, a script co-written by John Sayles, Charlotte Lewis' boobies, various characters falling in love, homosexual undertones, all adding up to something magical: an action picture that kinda gives a shit about its characters, with stuff about Dolph finding himself and some emotions and shit and also there's a scene where a kid jumps off a roof and lands on Tiny Lister's balls. Just picked up the new Dragon Dynasty DVD because I'd only seen the English dub and also it totally kicks ass. The kids playing Thao and Sue aren't the best actors in the world, but I found them pretty likable so it was easy to overlook their shortcomings and whatnot. I'd only seen this once on television, so I figured I'd rent it.Way too much repetition and damn, whoever edited this should never work in film again. - I still love this film like the first time I saw it. I think Ferrell is always better in supporting roles than as a lead. Lotta laughs and explosions and Michelle Yeoh doin' her thing. The script is a fucking mess, but Bruce Willis and Damon Wayans are entertaining as hell. The movie also features one of the two best things about HALLOWEEN 4, Danielle Harris.

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But it surprised me and I ended up liking it more than I thought I would. So much great shit it makes me sick that there was no recognition, bullshit Oscars, what have you. Fox screws us out of the R-rated content we love so much (necks should make a sound when they are broken, for example) but I had such a good time that I didn't care.

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