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In Europe, the boxes have a triangle at the bottom corner of the paper sleeve-insert side.The triangle is color-coded to identify the region for which the title is intended and which manual languages are included.

According to an interview with Nintendo game designer Shigeru Miyamoto, the concept involved focusing on a new form of player interaction. They might fight and hasten their own extinction." In 2003, game engineers and designers were brought together to develop the concept further.

Nintendo CEO Satoru Iwata revealed a prototype of the controller at the September 2005 Tokyo Game Show.

By December 8, 2006, it had completed its launch in the four key markets.

Nintendo states that its console targets a broader demographic than that of the two others.

The Wii introduced the Wii Remote controller, which can be used as a handheld pointing device and which detects movement in three dimensions.

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The console supports regional lockout (software purchased in a region can be only played on that region's hardware).

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