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For a full list of Dark Ale X's releases (including OE/SE firmwares), visit: Dark-Ale X Releases 14 July 2007 Download All of the 3OE features remained, except that it used the 3.51 firmware (which added 3.50 features, for those still on 3.40 OE), which was actually the Illuminati patch. 17 July 2007 Download It added the NO-UMD modes, which added M33's own ISO loader, and Dark_Alex's ISO loader from the OE firmware.

18 July 2007 Download This fixed bugs in the NO-UMD modes that were released the day before.

All aspects of recovery mode works across both Phat and Slim PSPs except for the autoboot, and recovery to 1.50 on Slims.

PSP Slim & Lite users, however, have the option of utilizing a special USB Charge plugin, allowing the user to charge their PSP via the USB Cable without activating USB Mode.

M33 firmwares 3.60 and above can be installed on Slim PSPs too.

These are the new features introduced in M33 firmwares: After Dark_Ale X supposedly retired from the PSP scene, he and a few other sceners continued, under the pseudonym of Team M33 developing Custom Firmware with the tag of M33 (rather than OE/SE). Almost everything resembled some part of OE including the installer.

also Nes/Snes/Gameboy advance are my main uses with 3.71 that i use it on. So you may as well upgrade cos you aint losing anything.

It has no less than any others, skype only works on slim psp's, there is a new thing called go messenger not active yet though software needed and internet radio introduced on 3.80 but still there on 3.90, ps store problem fixed and as ICE said more psx compatibility.

21 July 2007 Download The last update, 3.51 M33-7 fixed several bugs, and added improvements to different features.

All of the 3.40 OE features still remain on the M33 Firmwares.

However, the only feature that lacks past 3.52 M33 is the autoboot program that allows programs to be run from a coldboot.

However, I'm hoping for the best and DA will make an update that corrects this issue. then when the boss comes by i just click sleep mode, then when he walks away i turn it back on i wouldnt want to risk that. The only thing wrong with 3.80 (that I can remember) is that often people have to reset their flash1 (which clears all personal data) because the recovery menu likes to act up when you first upgrade.

M33 firmwares are custom firmwares developed by Dark Ale X.

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The Vsh Menu, a new addition to the M33 firmwares, allows users to quickly over/underclock their PSPs, change the ISO loader plugin used for backups, change the XMB USB Device (Memstick, Flash0, Flash1, etc), mount video ISOs, and reset the device.

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