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Microsoft also offers a number of downloadable virtual machines that run various versions of Windows and IE, giving you the ability to test your website using any version from IE 6 to the most current.You will need virtual machine software like Virtual Box, VMware or Parallels to run these virtual machines on your Mac OS X.Oh, and get this: Microsoft Remote App Internet Explorer is free.

Getting IE up and running on your Mac OS X is easier than you're probably thinking.

While it happens to be a market-leading browser, IE is not available as an installable application for Mac OS X.

There was once a time when IE was the Mac's default browser; when Safari wasn't yet an option.

This means that a successful website must stay true to the original specifications regardless of browser, device or display size.

In a perfect world, all Web browsers would interpret your site in terms of CSS, HTML and Javascript in exactly the same way, guaranteeing consistency across the board. Most browsers have their own Web page rendering engines, and while these aim to follow the Web rendering standards, there's always slight difference.

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The end result is that you have the IE window running on your Mac OS X like a native app window, which allows you to browse to the Web server running your website.

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