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Veuillez lire attentitevement les détails concernant le stage qui sont inclus dans le lien!On y retrouve autant la marche à suivre qu'un texte à préparer pour l'audition à enregistrer.The show has done much to support the Scottish acting industry as well as providing an extraordinary boost to tourism and Steven is looking forward to celebrating his role in the production that has done much to showcase Scotland.

But I’d certainly love to go back as it’s an amazing thing to be part of.” Soon after Outlander, Steven found himself on set with David Hasselhoff in the ‘mockumentary’ Hoff the Record. For a start my character was an ex-SAS survivalist called Mike Porridge.Born of Métis ancestry in southern British Columbia, Steven was adopted at the age of 6 months and raised in northern Canada’s Yukon and Northwest Territories.Adventurous and rebellious, Steven left his northern home at 16.Blackstone follows the lives of Indigenous people living on the fictional Blackstone First Nations reserve, set in Alberta, Canada.The story is told from an Indigenous point of view.

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