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It is also used by American Hopi Indians, where it has been found carved in Sanskrit.So many civilizations have used it, or some variation of a Triskele/Triskelion.Read about Julius Caesar rising an army against them.Reply It is unlikely that the people who became Celts originated in France, just like most of the people who became the Americans didn’t originate in the Americas.We see each as three months but they say each spiral as three moon-cycles, and a third of the time it takes a woman to bring a baby to life.Women die because of religion in Saudi Arabia "I got into an accident in a taxi, and the ambulance refused to take me to the hospital until my male guardian arrived. The forgotten architects of these pre-pyrimidine sites are its only true owners Reply You are correct…The symbol is from Asia, in its earliest forms, thousands of years before Celtic.

Sorry if my post came off as being snippy was not the intent, should have worded better.

As far as there being a celtic homeland in ancient Gaul, that does seem to be the place that we see the first Leptonic inscriptions, probably from the precedant Halstat culture that lived in the area around 700-800 bc. A lunar month is typically 28 days, which is also the length of a typical menstrual cycle; in the old days, we counted the gestation of 9 months by the Moon and not by the Sun.

(For example, my great-grandad advised us that after 9 moon cycles, be prepared for birth.) Therefore, a correlation between the triskele and human fetal gestation is a definite possibility.

Reply My apologies I didn’t articulate what I had wanted to properly.

I was referring to the part in the description where it stated “it is supposed by some that the spirals represent pregnancy” with trimesters being three month periods is where the gregorian calendar came in,though any other calendar could have been mentioned.

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And to answer that question- Even before the gregorian calendar, our ancestors were aware of the cycles of the moon. The moon got big over a certain number of nights and then got small again.

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