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The ride is compliant and firm without being abusive, and the 760i corners dead flat, even in tricky off-camber turns.At the strip, we observed zero to sixty times in the low-to-mid five seconds, with quarter mile figures in the low fourteen second range.The 6.0-liter V12 utilizes direct injection, a first for a gasoline powered V12 (diesel powerplants have been using direct injection for some time, with great success).The benefits of direct injection include more power, smoother throttle response, increased engine efficiency and better fuel economy.BMW assures us that the 760i motor shares nothing with the previous generation’s 5.0-liter V12.No sir, the boys from Bavaria really tweaked their thinking caps for the new powerplant.

The change to direct injection does away with the traditional throttle body, and replaces the butterfly-like valve assemblies with infinitely adjustable variable intake valves.

Not bad for a two-and-a-half-ton four door with more gadgetry than the first lunar rover.

Top speed is governed at 155 mph, and probably for good reason.

In addition to the top notch fit and finish, the BMW 760i boasts some incredible technological achievements.

Inside, there are individual climate controls for all four corners of the cabin.

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This technology is similar to that of the BMW M5 – there are 12 individual throttle blades, and each can meter air to its own port individually.

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