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Styling Cream Styling Wax It's generally a much slower process to diffuse hair then to blow dry when using a concentrator.Hair can be any length to be diffused although the best length is shoulder length or shorter for creating bigger curl clumps or more defined waves.Allow hair to be plopped for up to 30 minutes (or more if that is your best routine).Remove the plopped hair, separate into sections and then diffuse with a long finger diffuse.Make sure to distribute throughout the entire head.Be sure to detangle completely before diffusing to prevent unnecessary frizz. When you desire curlier hair, scrunch hair with gel while wet, and use the diffuser to dry while scrunching.

However, the type of hair which will see the most obvious results are those with hair that has natural bend or texture such as waves, curls or kinks.Squeeze excess water out of hair with fingers fanned out like an accordion.Apply a good leave-in cocktail and plop hair with a hair friendly towel or t-shirt.The short finger diffuser often does not have a base for hair to rest in like the long finger style of diffuser. Base diffuser which is built into the side of the blow dryer and either has short square notch openings or a special diffuser vent. Sock style diffuser which looks a lot like a sock which is placed over the nozzle opening of the hair dryer. Deva Fuser which is a customized style of diffuser attachment which looks literally like a plastic hand. To add extra volume spritz a volumizer to the root area only. Keep speed and heat consistent and do not change either speed or heat settings until the very end with a cool/cold blast will help to set the hair. Keep fingers away from hair as much as possible and let the diffuser attachment do the majority of the drying work. Work in a systematic direction around the head from one side to the other. I still use a regular diffuser to finish drying, but I would not be without the Devafuser. With the pixie-curl method you turn the diffuser off before moving it to the next set of hair to be diffused.The Deva Fuser can be attached to the nozzle of a blow dryer like traditional long and short finger diffusers. The key is to leave it in place for a couple of minutes before moving it. The Deva Sun dryer does not get as hot so it can't fry delicate hair or scalps. To read more about this popular method follow this link: Curly Hair Styling – Scrunching Curls With Diffuser For Abundant Tight Ringlets The key to ensuring big curl clumps during the diffusing process is during the cleansing process.

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