Sagittarius dating cancer

The Sagittarius do not mince words, and do not posses any type of diplomacy. They are very cheerful but at the same time can be quite skeptical about certain things.

They are quite bright, often highly studious and intellectual, and optimistically philosophical, but equally stubborn, contrary, unpredictable and amazingly swift at racing away from problems.

They can find out a solution for this problem which is mutually decided by both of them.Cancer might express their displeasure over the Sagittarians’ money spending habits, by passing harsh remarks at them or just by crying inconsolably.But when Sagittarius see Cancer crying then they realize that they have done something wrong and try to find out ways to console the Cancer.Sagittarius are bluntly honest and hardly pay any heed to the feeling of anyone once they decide to speak the truth.Through the sensitivity and sincerity displayed by Cancer and Sagittarius respectively, they can understand each other’s emotions completely.

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