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MAJOR MASS ORGANIZATIONS (continued) Central Council of Trade Unions (CRZZ) 341-352 Presidium Officers 341 Presidium Members 341 Labor Protection Section 342 Organization Section 342 Legal Bureau 342 International Liaison Section 342 Social Welfare Section 342 Economic Commission 342 Womens Commission 342 Audit Commission 342 Technical Progress Commission 342 Inter-Industry Labor Protection Commission 342 Province Commissions of Trade Unions 343-344 Council of Physical Culture and Sport 345 Unions Affiliated With The CRZZ 346-352 Union of Agricultural Workers 346 Union of Art Institute Workers 346 Union of Book-Trade, Press, and Radio Workers 346 Union of Chemical Industry Workers 347 Union of Construction Workers 348 Union of Communal Economy Workers 348 Union of Communications Workers 348 Union of Consumer Industry Workers 348 Union of Cooperative Workers 348 Union of Cultural Workers 348 Union of Film Workers 349 Union of Forestry and Timber Industry Workers 349 Union of Foundrymen 349 Union of Health Service Workers 349 Union of Local and Handicrafts Industry Workers 350 Union of Metal Workers 35O Union of Miners 350 Union of Polish Teachers 351 Union of Polygraph Industry Workers 351 Union of Power Workers 351 Union of Railroad Workers 351 Union of Road and Air Transport Workers 352 Union of Sailors and Longshoremen 352 Union of State and Social Workers 352 Union of Sugar Industry Workers 352 Union of Textile, Clothing, and Leather Workers 352 Union of Trade and Gastronomy 352 League of Soldier's Friends (LPZ) 353 Polish Red Cross (PCK) 354 League of Women (LK) 354-355 Polish Aero Club 355 Polish Scout Union (ZHP) 356 Main Council of the Friends of Scouting 357 Polish Student Association (ZSP) 358 Rural Youth Union (ZMW) 359-360 Union of Fighters for Freedom and Democracy (ZBo Wi D) 361 Union of Socialist Youth (ZI£) 362-365 xii B. POLISH ACADEMY OF SCIENCES (PAN) Officers and Presidium Members 366-367 Scientific Committees and Commissions of the PAN Presidium 368-369 General Scientific Societies Endowed by the PAN 370-371 Libraries of the PAN 372 Scientific-Research Centers of the PAN Presidium 372 Departments of the PAN 373-414 Department I - Social Sciences 373-381 Officers, Members, and Corresponding Members 373-374 Institutes and Research Centers of Department I 375-377 Scientific Committees and Commissions of Department I 378-379 Specialized Societies of Department I 380-381 Department II - Biological Sciences 382-389 Officers, Members, and Corresponding Members 382 Institutes and Research Centers of Department II 383-385 Scientific Committees and Commissions of Department II 386-387 Specialized Societies of Department II 388-389 Department III - Mathematical, Physical, Chemical, Geological, and Geological Sciences 390-397 Officers, Members, and Corresponding Members 390-391 Institutes and Research Centers of Department III 392-393 Scientific Committees and Commissions of Department III 394-395 Specialized Societies of Department III 396-397 Department IV - Technical Sciences 398-404 Officers, Members, and Corresponding Members 398-399 Institutes and Research Centers of Department IV 400-401 Scientific Committees and Commissions of Department IV 402-403 Specialized Societies of Department IV 404 Department V - Agricultural and Forestry Sciences 405-409 Officers, Members, and Corresponding Members 405 Institutes and Research Centers of Department V 406 Scientific Committees and Commissions of Department V 407-408 Specialized Societies of Department V 409 Department VI - Medical Sciences 410-414 Officers, Members, and Corresponding Members 410 Institutes and Research Centers of Department VI 411 Scientific Committees and Commissions of Department VI 412-413 Specialized Societies of Department VI 414 VI.

2-27-57 7-60 GALIl JSKI, Tadeusz Minister of Culture and Art a.

274 Directory of Polish Officials PERSONNEL IN THE POLITICAL PARTIES , GOVERNMENT , AND MASS ORGANIZATIONS OF THE POLISH PEOPLES REPUBLIC NOVEMBER 1960 BIOGRAPHIC INFORMATION DIVISION . FUNCTIONAL INDEX TO ORGANEATIONS (continued) Pa^e I. SOCIOLOGICAL ORGANIZATIONS Professional Associations (continued) Polish Association of Surgeons 489 Polish Cardiology Association 489 Polish Economic Society (PTE) 490 Polish Gynecology Association 490 Polish Hematology Association 490 Polish Librarians' Association (SBP) 490 Polish Medical Association 490 Polish Nursing Association 491 Polish Pediatric Association 491 Polish Pen Club 491 Polish Pharmaceutical Association 491 Polish Psychiatric Association 491 Union of Actors and Theatrical Composers 492 Union of Polish Art Photographers (ZPAF) 492 Union of Polish Artists in the Plastic Arts (ZPAP) 492-493 Union of Polish Composers (ZKP) 493 Union of Polish Writers (ZLP) 494-497 Association of Polish Theater and Film Actors (ZASP) 497 Polish Association of Engineers and Building Technicians (PZITB) 497 Association of Entertaining Authors and Composers (ZAKR) 497 Association of Engineers and Technicians of the Textile Industry 497 Polish Theological Society 497 Health and Sport Organizations 498-504 Alpine Club 498 Handball Union in Poland 498 Polish Amateur Athletic Union 498 Polish Archery Union 498 Polish Basketball Union 498 Polish Boxing Union 498 Polish Chess Union 498 Polish Cycling Union (PZKol) 499 Polish Drivers Union 499 Polish Fencing Union (PZS) 499-500 Polish Field Hockey Union 500 Polish Figure Skating Union 500 Polish Hygiene Society 501 Polish Ice Hockey Union 501 Polish Judo Union 501 Polish Kayak Union 501 Polish Motorboat Union 501 Polish Motorcycle Union 501 Polish Olympic Committee 502 Polish Sport Rifle Union 502 Polish Rugby Union 502 Polish Sailing Union 503 Polish Skiing Union 503 Polish Soccer Union 503 Polish Speed Skating Union 503 Polish Swimming Union 503 Polish Table-Tennis Union 503 Polish Tennis Union 503 School Sport Circles (SKS) 503 Polish Union of Acrobatic Sports 504 Polish Union of Gymnastic Sports 504 Polish Union of Rowing Associations 504 Polish Union of Toboggan Sports 504 Polish Volleyball Union 504 xvii B. 2-27-57 7-60 ST AW INSKI, Eugeniusz Minister of Light Industry a.

° f r ^ ldin Municipal Planning, and Architecture Committee of Labor and l/ages Committee for Light Production State Commission for Prices Central Geology Office Polish Press Agency Polish Normalization Committee Higher Office of Mining Main Committee of Physical Culture and Tourism Main Office of Standards Main Statistical Office Committee for Tourist Affairs C f l Se T i0 ’ Soi “ tifi =-^chnolo g ioal Cooperation with Economic Committee for the Council of Ministers Main Social Anti— Alcohol Committee otate Commission for Western Territories °T™of m Sd ten Uai7 ^ th ° neha Mlltati ° n ° f Southed Office for Religious Affairs Patent Office of the Polish People's Republic Office of National Reserves Social Insurance Court !? A ^ bl ^ ti ° n c °™nission (see also pages 103-104) Chief Technical Organization Ca ™jiodicals r th S Pr ° blem S ° f Press -Publications and the Sale of Page 1-2 3-38 3 3- 4 4- 5 6-38 6-7 S-10 11-12 13-14 15-16 17-23 24 24 25 26 27 28 29-30 31 32 33 34-35 36 37 37 37 37 37 37 38 38 38 38 38 38 Ministries Agriculture 39-96 Building and Building Materials Industry 39-40 Chemical Industry 41-42 Communication 43-44 Communal Economy 45-46 Culture and Art 47-48 Main Cinematographic Board 48-52 Council of Culture and Art 51 Education 51-52 Finance 53-54 Polish National Bank 55-57 Agriculture Bank 56-57 Commerce Bank 57 Investment Bank 57 Polish Security Bank 57 General Savings Bank 57 57 vi B. 9-04-57 7-60 RYBICKI, Marian Minister of Justice a.

Smathers Libraries OOunit V B. il of Planning Commission Committee for Technical Matters Motorization Council State Council for _ the Peaceful Eq Dloitation of Nuclear Energy Committee for Radio and Television Affairs "Polskie Radio" SJ®! SOCIOLOGICAL ORGANIZATIONS AND INSTITUTIONS (continued) Health and Sport Organizations (continued) Polish Weightlifting Union 504 Polish Wrestling Uniong 504 People’s Sports Union (IZS) 504 Organizations Concerned with Foreign Relations 505-513 Byelorussian Social and Cultural Society 505 Polish-Albanian Friendship Society 505 Polish-Austrian Society 505 Polish-Brazilian Friendship Society 505-506 Polish-Chinese Friendship Society 506-508 Polish-Danish Friendship Society 508 Polish-Egyptian Friendship Society 508 Polish-Finnish Friendship Society 508 Polish-French Medical Association 509 Polish-Hungarian Friendship Society 509 Polish-Norwegian Friendship Society 509 Polish Society of Friends of the U. 509 Polish-Soviet Friendship Society (TPP-R) 510-511 Polish-Suedish Friendship Society 512 Society for Promoting Scientific Cooperation with France 512 Society of Maghreb Friends 513 Socio-Cultural Organizations 514-526 All-Poland Committee of Radiological Defense 514 Association of Engineers and Technicians of the Food Industry 514 Association of Friends of Fine Arts 514 Association of Old Age Pension Holders and Invalids (ZZEil) 514 Association of Planned Parenthood (TSM) 514-515 Association of Polish Bookkeepers 515 Association of Polish Booksellers 515 Association of Polish Mechanical Engineers and Technicians (SIMP) 515 Lay School Society (TSS) 516 Lithuanian Social-Cultural Society 516 Mpria Konopnicka Society 516 National Council for the Protection of Nature 517 People's Anti-Alcohol Committee 517 People's Fund for the Reconstruction of the Country and the Capitol (SFQS) 517 Polish Archeological Society (PTA) 517 Polish Association of Scientific Films (PSFN) 517 Polish Astronomical Society 518 Polish Committee of Social Aid (PKPS) 518 Polish-German Historical Commission 518 Polish Historical Society (PTH) 519 Polish Phthisis /Tuberculosis7 Society 519 Polish Physics Society 519 Polish Physiological Association 519 Polish Sociology Society (PTS) 520 Polish Tourist and Local Studies Society (PTTK) 520 Polish Union of the Blind (PZN) 520 Russian Social-Cultural Society 520 Social-Cultural Society of Czechs and Slovaks 521 Social-Cultural Society of Germans in Poland 521 Social-Cultural Society of Jews in Poland 521 Society for the Popularization of Knowledge (TWP) 521 Society for the Development of the Western Territories (TRZZ) 521-522 Society for the Sobriety of Truck Drivers (TTT) 522 Society of Children's Friends (TPD) 522 Society of Moral Culture (TKM) 523 Ukrainian Social and Cultural Society 523 B. 12-08-54 7-60 LESZ, Mieczyslaw Minister of Internal Trade a.

Digitized by the Internet Archive in 2016 with funding from University of Florida, George A. CENTRAL GOVERNMENT Council of State Council of Ministers Officers Members Offices attached to the Council of Ministers C “ohe°^Sr’ C0Un Cll S and 3 ° ard S ° f the Co “‘ ! REPRESENTATION IN INTERNAT IONAL ORGAN EAT IONS United Nations 563-564 Polish Permanent Mission to the UN 563 UN Security Council 563 Economic and Social Council 563 United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) 564 Polish Committee for UNESCO Affairs 564 Polish Permanent Mission to UN European Office, Geneva 564 United Nations International Childrens Emergency Fund (UNICEF) 564 United Nations Committee on Women's Rights 564 Neutral Nations Supervisory Commission, Korea 564 Other Inter-Governmental Organizations 565 -568 Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) 565 International Advisory Committee for Radiophonization (CCIR) 565 International Air Federation 565 International Astronomic Union 565 International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) 565 International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) 565 International Commission for the Prevention of Occupational Risks 565 International Committee for the Promotion of Trade (ICPT) 566 International Court of Justice 566 International Documentation Federation 566 International Labor Organization (ILO) 566 International Radio Organization (OIR) 566 International Telecommunications Union (ITU) 566 Interparliamentary Union 566 Universal Postal Union (UPU) 567 World Health Organization (WHO) 567 World Meteorological Organization (WMO) 567 World Peace Council (WPC) 567 Council for Economic Mutual Assistance (CEMA) 568 Non-governmental International Organizations 569-571 International Association of Democratic Lawyers (IADL) 569 International Federation of Film Archivists (FIAF) 569 International Federation of Tourist Journalists and Writers 569 International Federation of Resistance Fighters (FIR) 569 International Union of Students 569 Womens International Democratic Federation 569 World Federation of Trade Unions 570 International Agricultural and Forestry Workers Union 570 International Organization of Journalists 570 Miners Trade Union International 570 Textile, Clothing, Leather, and Fur Workers' Trade Union International 570 World Federation of Teachers' Unions (FEE) 570 World Federation of Democratic Youth (WFDY) 570 International Association of Film and Television Schools 571 International Oswi^cim Committee 571 International Association of Contemporary Music 571 International Association of Theater Critics 571 International Association of Official Tourist Organizations (UI0OT) 571 International Association of Journalists 571 International Association of Art Critics (AICA) 571 C. 6-19-59 7-60 WICHA, Wladyslaw Minister of Internal Affairs a. Councils and Boarda of Economic Council (continued) MANTEUFFEL, Ryszard Member OLSZEWSKI, Jerzy Member OJRZANCWSKI, Bronislaw Member PAJESTKA, J6zef Member POHORILLE, Makaymllian Member RAJKIEWICZ, Antoni Member 3ZWALBE, Stanislaw Member SZYR, Eugeniusz Member TEPICHT, Jerzy Member TOPltf SKI, Jan Member TR^MPCZYll SKI, Witold Member TTMOWSKI, Janusz Member ZALEWSKI, Andrzej Member Economic Model Committee BOBRCWSKI, Czeslaw Chairman Agriculture Committee PSZCZ&KOWSKI, Edmund Chairman Assessment of the Present Economic Situation BOBRCWSKI, Czeslaw Chairman Date of Information Earliest Latest Council of Ministers 11-58 12-59 a.

2-01-57 Economic Section ROMANIUK, Kazimierz Chairman e. 2-20-57 3-60 FIORODECKI, Julian Secretary a, 2-20-57 7-60 Office of the Chairman of the NOWAK, Franciszek Council of State Director 10-54 3-60 Chancery of the Council of State HOLDER, Henryk Director Deputy Director 7-56 12-59 Cadre Department Director General Department Director National Councils Bureau Director Law Bureau Director 2 COUNCI L OF STATE (continued) Awards Bureau Date of Information Earliest Latest Director Bureau of Letters and Complaints Director Budget-Administration Bureau Director 3 Date of Information Earliest Latest COUNCIL OF MINISTERS CYRANKIEWICZ, Jozef Pres ident a. 2-25-58 7-60 SROKA, Stanislav Minister of Communal Economy a. 2-27-57 7-60 MOSKWA, Zygmunt Minister of Communication a. 2-10-57 1-60 Labor and Social Conditions Committee LIPUJSKI, Edward Chairman 8 Date of Information Earliest Latest Committees. Councils and Boards of the Council of Ministers Chairman Planning Commission Jjg DRXCHOWSKI, Stefan GEDE, Tadeusz SECOMSKI, Kazimierz STRt&EK, Boleslav WANG, Adam WALUCHOWSKI, Marian ZEMAITIS, Kiejstut JANUSZKO, Zbigniew DREWNOWSKI, Jan DROZNIAK, Edward KALECKI, Michal KASMAN, Leon KULESZA, Jozef First Deputy Chairman Deputy Chairman Deputy Chairman Deputy Chairman Deputy Chairman Deputy Chairman Deputy Chairman Member Member Member Member Member a . MAJOR MSS ORGAN EAT IONS 336-365 All-Poland School Building Fund Committee to Commemorate the Millenium 336 All-Poland Committee of the Front of National Unity (0KFJN) 337 Association for Liaison with Poles Abroad "Polonia 1 ’ 338 All-Polish Peace Committee (0KP) 339-340 xi B. Solski State Theatrical School in Krakow 422 State School of Music in Katowice 422 State School of Music in Krakow 423 State School of Music in Lodz 423 xiii B. Councils and Boards of the Council of Ministers Earliest Latest Economic Council LANGE , Oskar Chairman a. FUNCTIONAL INDEX TO ORGANIZATIONS (continued) Page IV. FUNCTIONAL INDEX TO ORGANIZATIONS (continued) Page VI .

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