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Thus, unlike other film industries in Mexican cinema began to develop the "cult of an star", a situation that led to the emergence of stars caused a sensation in the public and became real idols, in a way very similar to that of American film industry.

However, unlike what happened in Hollywood, Mexican film studios never had total power over the big stars, and this allowed these shine independently and develop in a huge multitude of genres, mainly figures emerged in Mexican cinema in the early 1950s, much more versatile and complete than those of the previous decade.

In the early 1940s began the emergence of great Mexican film studios settled in Mexico City, they begin to support the mass production of films.

Among the most important are CLASA Films, FILMEX, Films Mundiales, Cinematográfica Calderón, Películas Rodriguez and Producciones Mier y Brooks, among others.

In 1939, during World War II, the film industry in the US and Europe declined, because the materials previously destined for film production now were for the new arms industry.The films María Candelaria (1943) and The Pearl (1947), were considered works summit Fernandez and his team, and filled Mexican cinema enormous prestige, pacing worldwide in major film festivals.María Candelaria was awarded in 1946 with the Golden Palm in the Cannes Film Festival.when the Mexican film industry reached high levels of production, quality and economic success of its films, besides having gained recognition internationally.The Mexican film industry became the center of commercial films in Latin America.

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Since the beginning of talkies in Mexico, some films (like Santa (1931), directed by Antonio Moreno and The Woman of the Port (1934), directed by Arcady Boytler, were a huge blockbuster that showed that Mexico had the equipment and talent needed to sustain a strong film industry.

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