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His deep pockets and stellar reputation prove to be valuable tools in Loco's plot to take over the streets of Philly.

But he must first overcome the ghosts from a turbulent past.

See full summary » Paper Soldiers follows an overeager burglar named Shawn (Kevin Hart) through the ups and downs of his short, stressful career.

r Age provides a platform to touch and feel, try and experiment.

Frustrated with being broke, Beans (Beanie Sigel) decides that the only way to grasp the American Dream is to take it.

The film follows Beans and his crew, the ABM, as they take over the ...

See full summary » Jeff Cole is a recent graduate of the Cincinnati police academy who dreams of working undercover.

His wish is granted and through success is given the task of taking down state-wide crack ...

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The characters and their lifestyles are of course part of American society, but is there anything positive or beneficial in exploiting this stereotype?

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  1. I'm not saying all of them are like that I'm just saying the majority seems to be that trend or you get pictures from pornstars or girls from magazines that are models on here that seem to be real life girls when in reality they are not they are used by other people to make money.

  2. Minnie considers herself overweight and undesirable in every sense, and is largely neglected by her Bohemian mother Charlotte (Kristen Wiig), who is usually too busy smoking weed or doing drugs with strangers to even notice her daughter, so this awakening comes as an immense shock to Minnie and her person.