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Participating in a celebrity dating competition, where his every text is analysed to death, is his worst nightmare! Divorcee Jessica Wilson has built her life – and her dating service!

For example, if you like a high class woman who appreciates fine wine and foreign films, you’re not going to find her at sports bar on a Monday night. Your college football-loving dream girl may not be at a wine tasting. Because no one can kick down a Bitch Shield faster than she can. Plus, being with an attractive woman instantly makes you more attractive and approachable to other women. It may sound weird, but it’s a perfect arrangement because there’s absolutely no chance of me sleeping with them, and since they’ve been married a while, they really get into the whole going-out-to-bars-and-fixing-Eric-up-with-hotties thing.They are more attracted to men who have some strength of character and backbone.(Which is why so many of them go for Bad Boys, but that’s a whole other conversation…) So understand that as part of her reflexive Shit Testing of guys, she’s going to object to a lot of what you say."They're having fun and spending some quality days in New York." PHOTOS: Celebrity couples — how they first met Indeed, the actress, 32, and her new beau were photographed holding hands during a stroll in NYC on Aug. Three days later, the lovebirds posed for an adorable selfie via Instagram. PHOTOS: Celeb couples — then and now "Showing teeth and rocking shades with my face," Ritter captioned the pic, along with a heart emoji.

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