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A resident living at Toddbury Farm Residential Caravan Park said: 'If Frank's got his house up for sale it could have something to do with some of the run-ins he's had with people living here.

He's a lovely man, he will do anything for you and he lets us get on with our lives.

The 55-year-old boxer, who moved into his five-bedroom home near Leighton Buzzard, Bedfordshire, in 2006, has allegedly had several run-ins with the community at the adjacent Toddbury Farm caravan site.

One local said he also saw them pulling down wires and smashing the corrugated iron.

He always gives a wave as he's passing by in his car.'But I know in the past he's had a few problems with some of the residents.

Maybe he's had enough and wants to sell up.'The resident said he knew there had been problems regarding claims that the ex-boxer's water supply had been tapped into by some travellers and that his hedge had been damaged outside his home.

A CBC report stated: 'There are more people living on the site than there should be.

The original permissions granted across the two sites were for 56 plots.

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