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Frankly, the guy seemed like a complete douchebag and I really couldn’t believe she was even considering starting a life with him.

But it wasn’t my place to comment on that, so I kept my mouth shut.

If you are trying to get a woman to marry you, you really want to keep her happy and illusioned.

All that made me and Ylle think that if he is already now so distant and uncaring, what will he be like after they get married and everyday routine kicks in?

The girl he was trying to reel in was this little timid and frail Japanese woman.

She was slightly over 30 and clearly very much in love with Houssam.

There's even a joke going around that Morocco’s main export is eligible grooms :).

We met them in the riad, they had just come from visiting Houssam’s home in the desert.Aiko spoke some English and when she found out that I am married, she seemed to decide that I am exactly the right person to talk about her love life with.She was telling me how Houssam wants to move out of Morocco right away, but not to Japan, but to somewhere in Europe.They really do aim to get out of Morocco, but if that fails, they would also go for a woman who lives somewhere in Europe, but is rich enough to support him in Morocco.They don’t necessarily want to abandon their family and friends, but easy life and get-rich-quick schemes are definitely in their minds.

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Maybe back in Japan it was somehow shameful that she was over 30 and still unmarried.

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