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It’s pretty enough—in its costuming, shooting, and scenery—to appeal to a less artsy audience.

Miriam Maisel (Rachel Brosnahan), otherwise known as “Midge,” is the mother of two, wife of a supposedly successful businessman, and daughter of an eccentric math professor and gloriously meddlesome mother.

So why does Joel’s affair start in the first place?

As Joel himself notes, he married the perfect woman. This question is never fully answered, although Sherman-Palladino attempts an explanation.

The Islamic Republic of Iran occupies 635,932 square miles (1,648,000 square kilometers) on the Asian continent.

The country is bounded on the north by the Transcaucasian and Turkistan territories of the former Soviet Union (along with the Caspian Sea), on the east by Afghanistan and Pakistan, on the west by Iraq and Turkey, and on the south by the Persian Gulf and the Indian Ocean.

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