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Awards Overview: The Gospel in Action program helps children ages 8 through 11 to set and achieve goals (such as gospel living and learning the Articles of Faith.

A member of the Primary presidency sits down with the child and his or her parents to explain the program to them.

At the end of the hose are delicious donuts -- just tell the children that there is something special at the end of the hose.

The children can see a the Tree of Life in the distance. This was done in a ward several years ago -- but the children still talk about it.

We grouped them in 5's -- we had them go to different rooms where the President or a member of the presidency of that organization would be there to talk to them about what their organization did and the responsibility they had as head of the organization.

It was a real success and we were amazed at the effort some of the heads of organizations went to to make it meaningful to the children.

For example, the Relief Society gave each child the Relief Society symbol, which they pinned to the child's shirt or blouse, along with a list of what the Relief Society does in the ward.

Since many children have siblings in primary, we divided the primary into three age groups and each age group prepared a different lesson to take home. in Southern California Idea: We have a small primary, so for our activity day we decided to have a activity where the children would tour the church house and get to know the officers in the Ward.We began with a beautiful story about a mother whose living example taught her daughter about serving with love and used a white handkerchief as an object lesson.We then had them make scripture bookmarks, (made from plastic canvas and 1/8 inch ribbon in many color choices.Each year we pick a theme using the Achievement Day Booklet as a guide.(This is our 3rd year) This year we invited Mothers and Daughters.

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