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Since movies began, the war genre has been one of the most popular and they continue to pump them out yearly so trying to find a fresh way to tell a story is always a challenge but Eastwood and company really pull it off.

American SNIPER is certainly about the war but it's main focus is telling the story of this American hero.

We dress in authentic cowboy and old west clothing for our friendly competition shoots. We have between 4 – 6 stages set up for each match.

We use authentic replicas for our firearms dating from the 1860s to the 1890s. Visitors are welcome to watch (eye and ear protection are required).

Making sure that the war at home is just as intense as the war in Iraq.

Another major plus is that, on a technical level, the film is flawless as it contains some of the year's best cinematography, a touching music score and some of the best sound effects out there.

The ending is also incredibly intense and the terrific editing here really helps build up the tension of the combat zone.There are generally 5-6 stages per day and each stage has a shooting order or scenario that the shooter must follow using the required fire arms for that scenario, normally the 2 pistols loaded with 5 rounds each, rifle loaded, and the shotgun empty and staged.Marcus Luttrell and his team set out on a mission to capture or kill notorious Taliban leader Ahmad Shah, in late June 2005.Following the music and the footage, the rest of the end credits play in complete silence. Director Clint Eastwood has made countless great movies in his career and even tackled the war drama in brilliant fashion with LETTERS FROM IWO JIMA.See more » American Sniper (2014) **** (out of 4)Thrilling, tense and dramatic telling of Chris Kyle's (Bradley Cooper) rise from a cowboy without much direction in his life to becoming the deadliest sniper in U. This film here could have been clichéd in so many ways but thankfully a director with such masterful direction can take a familiar story like war and its impact on someone and make it feel fresh, tight and original.

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