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Using the venue of bars or clubs to meet potential mates was very popular in the past and still exists but is generally less popular than was the case.

In its place, “personals” websites have become plentiful and largely usurped what used to be the “meat market” of the bar scene.

This is the reason the United Matchmaking Association was created - to unite accredited matchmaking and dating professionals with single people who are looking for love.

They don’t know how to find love, where to find love, or who to ask for help with finding love.

Whether you are a professional matchmaker, dating coach or relationship expert, we all share a common goal: to help singles find love.

Of course, lastly, the personals sites — and even subsequent e-mails, instant messages, texts, and phone calls often don’t afford one the ability to determine if there exists that so-important visceral sense of connection — a subtle combination of “enough” physical attraction, chemistry, and emotional/interpersonal connection that one can usually only really “get” through face-to-face in-person contact.

Unless you’ve married your high school sweetheart and are living happily-ever-after, for so many, finding a partner is not so easy.

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