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Test XXXX-2 was held two months after the first test following Administrator approval. Formerly charged with penalties related to street racing, she was selected for the test due to advanced driving experience. D-9049 activates it and goes to the simulation seat. A girl in a yellow dress is visible, standing only a few inches away from the camera. Mind becomes noticeably distressed, but stands and immediately enters SCP-XXXX. Mind entered SCP-XXXX, as well as why the original creators entered it themselves. With eyes bluer than Neptune A will so pure that the grass grew green A heart lighter than xenon A gas-glowed lamp shining into my cavernous Dreams and nightmares It was my fault for being so weak Seams and light snares Catching the beams and eating them whole History made reality I was fallen, I heard your voice calling A grindstone carving a gravestone Disguised as a flower that spoke to my eyes You took my life before I could myself An enigmatic climax to a peaceborn tragedy Now I am simply a shadowy figure But I feel just as real as ever An instance previously unforetold Where once was a heart is a hellhole There's nothing but a heart of gold That can save this man with a silver soul For several weeks now, I have been suffering from hellish nightmares. I decided I wouldn't dream about her anymore, the face she made before I woke up… One time, I tried to make my dream become one where I went to bed inside my dream and had a lucid dream. Her death is no reason for me to be unappreciative of that love. I could stay up for days without even feeling tired. Each component of SCP-XXXX is to be stored in its own room.No attempts were made to repair SCP-XXXX prior to this test for fear of permanently damaging SCP-XXXX. SCP-XXXX's door closes rapidly and the simulation appears to briefly start, before ending suddenly. Further testing of SCP-XXXX pending Site Administrator approval. I don't know what causes them, or if they have any sort of meaning, but I do fear that they were the result of an experiment I enacted, which began over six months ago. I swear I could hear someone yelling, "Something's weird about his dream! I don't know if I can ever wipe that from my memory. Then, within that lucid dream, I created an object with impossible properties: a real, physical Penrose triangle. " Then her face became a mangled, deformed mass and she lunged at me, shrieking in pitches that would have been impossible to hear if they hadn't been so loud. The only thought I had in my mind was this: there are thousands of husbands with wives who hate them, yet those wives still live and breathe. That love was a privilege, and I had forgotten all gratitude for it. This continued until, during an experiment in which I planned to go a whole month, something changed. Once I had finally adjusted to it, I changed the experiment goal to seeing if there was anything I could imagine that couldn't be done. Testing upon any of SCP-XXXX's components is to be granted only by Level-3 or higher personnel.Abruptly, a rockslide occurs, sending boulders of medium size and debris cascading onto the road. Something I will never forget until my body is reduced to dust. The goal was to see how long I could make the dream last. I couldn't produce any sort of flashlight or glowstick, either. The Ten Teds was by far the most exciting and ambitious attempt I have made so far.A woman's voice can be heard shouting expletively and a young boy is heard crying. I knew that time could be controlled within a dream, but all I had ever done was slowed it, stopped it, sped it up, or ended it. The result became an entire day, in dream-time, at least. I went back to bed, this time with the goal of stretching it to two days. After being in development for nearly five months, it was shot down on April 23rd, 2015. I will not be reviving it, but it up for salvage by another author (just PM me).

It is built into a small room in which it was originally being tested.

Visibility within the simulation decreased drastically as the road became obscured with heavy fog and rain. The force of the pull threw me through the air and back into the closed door. One of them bent down, "Hello David, how do you feel? Then he climbed onto a couch next to the bed, with a pillow and blanket. The room's previous victim would then direct them to the room's location, causing the subject to replace the previous victim, who suddenly becomes nonexistent.

D-5464 slows the vehicle to 8 kph, having difficulty staying on the road. It sounded like a few voices all at once, overlapping each other. You should get some rest." The other nurse exited the room for a moment and came back in with my son, who came over to the bed and stood next to me. "Goodbye, daddy." "No son, we say 'goodnight', not, 'goodbye.'" "I know, but this time it's goodbye." I looked over to the window. I honestly don't understand why this idea was seen as boring, so I plan for this project to be revived in Cause of Failure: stereotypical overkill; bad foreshadowing.

D-9049 was not notified of any past events regarding SCP-XXXX. Sparks are seen coming from the ceiling projectors for several seconds, then the interior of SCP-XXXX becomes dark once again. Since a very young age, I had always been intrigued by the concept of lucid dreams. Wikipedia and the local library helped me find the information I wanted, then, without any equipment, I dove into the world of dreams. The second week, I began having lucid dreams, but not remembering them. Besides, what would my wife think if she ever found out I had been dreaming of someone else? I'm not sure how to explain it; I spent several minutes scrutinizing it in my palms with amazement. Once I had been in the dream for a month in dream-time, I found, to my horror, that I couldn't end it. While I knew there wasn't any real worry in it, it was definitely frightening. Perhaps if I found something that I was unable to make real, it would break some sort of barrier. Description: SCP-XXXX is a collective of Two of the bears are animate.

D-9049's flashlight beam is not visible on the video feed. By the middle of the third week, I was having and remembering lucid dreams on a nightly basis. From here, I attempted to wake from that dream into the one before it, taking the triangle with me. I thought much less of it then, though, than I did when I truly woke up. At first, I went to find my son, but when I opened his bedroom door, I was instead met by my wife, which only surprised me. I would finally be able be free from this Purgatory. Because time never truly stops moving, and with time comes change. I was walking down a long boardwalk, in the midst of a large city I called Mallowbeach. The buildings, the roads, the signs, the boardwalk itself, the sand, and even the waves, even though they were still moving. Suddenly, about twenty meters in front of me, a small sphere of darkness appeared. Similar to a shadow, yet still a darker shade than a shadow. Each of the bears' abilities is activated simply by a subject coming within an unobstructed, 6 meter radius..

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Perhaps the most awe-inspiring and incredible phenomenon in all existence is the process by which this planet, in all its ancient beauty and magnificent history, can take the most pure, most innocent thing among all that which breathes and transform it into something so grotesque, so evil; a dark horror among the majestic portrait that is man.

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