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Well-written & well-acted Whilst the main 'hook' of the drama is unconvincing i.e. I did find the entire drama thoroughly entertaining and rather beautiful. I hope hyo jin will be able to change gang jae.looking foward for ne wepisodes I love to watch this weekend drama. cha children are succes in their jobs except dal bong who still find his identity. but I really hate Hyo-jin character or maybe the actress herself... Tbh though Seo Wool is really annoying I mean why can't she be confident and independent she seem like a cry baby to me I find her annoying .

Also the actor in father's role doesn't seems to justify his role, acting all kinky from time to time( it literally gave me goosebumps). I stopped watching this show after certain episode. Still the actress and the actor did a really great job. and he did says to the judge this is my last scold. Right now being her father lawyer is not helping him get her back. Which was a shame, because the series started off good for me. Maybe it it the uninspiring story, mind numbing dialogue, lack of honest drama, humor or suspense, the banal sets and the lack of visually stimulating cinematography. I am from Dominican Republic, I also am a legal advisor, and scholar in college, my subjects are in Criminal Law I and II. It's a funny, touching and intelligent TV program, makes point about family values, and the actors an actresses are amazing! Chunky sluts are the ones who can take a hard anal pounding like no other - and with their huge derrieres looking so tempting, no man can resist the temptation to stick his shaft into them balls deep!Tonight you get to try the incredible exciting potential of fat anal porn.Many a time we take them for granted and focus only their fails and realize their absence only when they are gone. Goo starts coming out a lot, actress Kim Sora makes the drama more interesting. After ep23, I finally decided to stop watching,is too frustrating to watch that parasite of an aunt putting her nose into her brother's matters acting as if she has every right in that house. It is actually an old popular song called '내가 말 했잖아' meaning I told you. Overall good so far I'm in 37th episode right now, just wished if the drama was shooted in real location like, my husband got a family. I saw her on previous drama "Bride of the Century", so far that's my favorite drama of this year. Kang Shim still cannot trust him for what happened in the past to her from him. But I think it should be renamed What Happens to my Selfish Children? I love Kang Shim/director couple but not as much as I detest that aunt character and her ridiculously high-pitched rantings. The version in this drama's ost hasn't been released yet so we'll have to wait patiently.

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