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Turn right on RT 28N for about 9.5 miles to a few miles past Minerva (past Murdie's General Store) then go west (left) on Northwoods Club Rd.. Updated 12/10/2002 Swimming place with sand beach and popular picnic place on Cedar River. Signs say "NO SWIMMING" in stream in gorge above falls, but there is evidence that some do swim there.

Follow this road about 6 miles to Huntley Pond and the trailhead on the left. LAT, LON lat=43.79286, lon=-74.28958(source: De Lorme) (accuracy:exact) LINK TO GOOGLE MAP. From Albany, take I-90 west to Exit 29 (Canajoharie).

LAT, LON lat=43.8175, lon=-74.1380(source: De Lorme-p) (accuracy:exact) LINK TO GOOGLE MAP.

To get here from RT 28, go about 16 miles from RT 9 on RT 28 to North Creek (if you get to North River, you've gone too far). Updated 12/10/2002 Official swimming in large, deep pool at bottom of Buttermilk Falls. Close to highway; not as scenic as Treman (see Treman).

Park and hike pretty steeply downhill about 1/3 mile into the gorge at this point. Go a short way on RT 23 west and turn right on Cauterskill Rd. On the right in Leeds, see the The Inn at Leeds where you can enjoy a good meal.

Just past where RT 30 goes off to the south, at Indian Lake, turn north(right) onto Pelon Rd and keep left at the fork onto Benton Rd.. Continue uphill on Cunningham Rd.(keeping right to stay on Cunningham Rd.), then: NOTE: We received this information in 7/2012: "...

The water is very deep and i've been diving off of some "man" jumps out of trees above the rocks. Park and walk an apparent path that is signed "No Littering" into woods.

water is very warm and just a great spot to go." In 2012, word is that the rope swing is unfortunately gone but it is still a fun place to swim and jump. You will pass a barbeque pit, continue on to the creek.

Follow Taylor Road a short distance to the dead end sign where there is a small parking area on the left.

A very rough road continues down into a deep valley.

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About 1.5 miles past Marbletown, go west (right) on Tongore Rd. LAT, LON :lat=41.87423, lon= -74.1414(source: map ) (accuracy: approximate). LAT, LON : lat=41.9182,lon=-74.4215(source: Topozone ) (accuracy: approximate). The NY State Department of Environmental Conservation has published a very nice map of the area. In Jay, turn east (left) on CR 22 (I think) to the covered bridge over the East Branch Ausable River. LAT, LON lat=44.37286, lon=-73.72500(source: De Lorme) (accuracy: approximate) LINK TO GOOGLE MAP. LAT, LON lat=44.3664, lon=-73.8406(source: web site) (accuracy: approximate) LINK TO GOOGLE MAP. The location is certainly unofficial but there are no signs indicating no swimming that I saw." This from a visitor in 2010:"This place is the best to just go and cool off and have fun time. One is very easy to use and doesn't take much skill.

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