Are the twilight stars still dating 2016

Expect a long story with some extra faces along the way. Now consequences of it start to appear and it might change the history.

Edward never leaves Bella, instead he get intrested in another girl, she breaks his heart and he goes on his suicide mission anyway, Bella saves Edward, not for him, but for his family. I don't own HP or Avengers or any other thing used. Contains swearing, blood, violence, alcohol, lemons, slash, dark themes, it's not a nice world, you have been warned.

But if you passed Kimbra Hickey on the street, you wouldn’t recognise her.

She’s what is known as a ‘parts model’ — lending her hands, feet and legs to advertising campaigns. For it’s Ms Hickey’s delicate, perfectly manicured hands clutching a red apple, that appear on the front of Twilight — the first novel in Stephenie Meyer’s teen vampire series that has sold more than 100 million copies, brought the author untold wealth and made global stars of its young film cast.

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(Warning: canon character death)Hogwarts has fallen. All of magical Britain is now under the rule of Lord Voldemort. Severus Snape is the son of Hades and for years he's told no one.

She’s taken a leap onto a lucrative bandwagon, but may well find herself clinging desperately onto whatever she can.

Author has written 372 stories for Twilight, NCIS, Vampire Academy, Harry Potter, Heartland, Hotel Transylvania, Icemark Chronicles, Guardians of Time, Artemis Fowl, Castle, Fairly Odd Parents, Bones, Thor, Wild Thornberry, Atlantis, Lion King, Las Vegas, American Dad, Inheritance Cycle, Dinotopia, Ice Age, Kim Possible, M*A*S*H, Swan Princess, Santa Claus, American Dragon: Jake Long, Brother Bear, Immortals series, Alyson Noel, Fantastic 4, Misc. So any stories that look the same they could be from either account. He figures that there's no better place than the city that never sleeps to settle in and forge a new life.

Part 3 in the Children of Time series Thanos is dead, or is he?

Someone is still gathering forces, aiming to attack Earth first and then Asgard seeking the Infinity Stones.

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