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He basically said that I was not as valuable as my roommate because of her heritage.Another case: one of my friends doing her masters degree in a cold, faraway Scandinavian country met a guy from the same African country that she comes from.I agree that there is an aura of unrehearsed confidence about African men that makes women like me weak.And Minna’s point about a sort of feministic archetype African man is interesting. They too get the 3am calls from relatives back home who can never seem to get the time differences right.Love is one of the most beautiful things that can be shared between two people. I didn't mention gender, religion, background, race or skin color.The reasoning behind this is because those things shouldn't matter when you’re in love.This is a guest blog by Stephanie Kimou (pictured) who blogs at A Black Girl in the World *** Minna’s article last week on the reasons why she/we love African men, was pretty spot on right?I certainly appreciate African men and if I may be biased, especially West African men – *swoon*.

Secondly, though we both had to admit that as much as say we are over the games, we actually somewhat like and need some game. Telling me to take your number after only saying hi and you want to be my friend is not appealing. Leave some things to the imagination or for me to guess or at least learn over time.

I’m getting the feeling that they all lust for their very own Kim Khardashians, leaving the Fatimas, Onyekas, and Wanjirus of the world high and dry? A couple of weeks ago I had some friends over to my home in Tanzania for Sunday daytime drinking (don’t judge).

One of my guests, influenced by my cocktails, confessed his feelings about my roommate who is white.

Also, since neither of the guys I went out with were South African, I asked around and found that my experiences are not necessarily indicative of South African men, but I still think I am good on dating in South Africa or at least in my “developed village.” * Disclaimer: I am hoping and believing that dating in a city, like Joburg, would be closer to my experiences in the States but alas I live in a rural village/town.

Also, I should divulge that both of the dates I went on were with non-South African men, so maybe my experiences were more reflective of the continent then this country!

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