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The station's programming is also carried over KDKA-FM's 93.7 HD2 digital subchannel. Operating with a transmitter power output of 50,000 watts, the station can be heard during daylight hours throughout central and western Pennsylvania, along with portions of the adjacent states of Ohio, West Virginia and New York, plus the Canadian province of Ontario.Its nighttime signal covers much of eastern North America.However, Westinghouse moved aggressively to establish itself as a national and international provider of radio communication.

Shortly after beginning the process of setting up KDKA to be used for point-to-point communication, a series of events occurred which resulted in it also becoming a broadcasting station, which would overshadow its original role. government again allowed the operation of civilian radio stations, and Conrad revived 8XK, which was located in a detached two-story garage at his residence.A telephoned temporary authorization was received to operate under the call sign of 8ZZ.which was a classification that permitted the use of transmitting frequencies other than the congested 200 meter (1500 k Hz) standard amateur wavelength.) Although the pre-broadcast publicity and contemporary accounts stated that 8ZZ was the call sign used for the election night broadcast — for example, in 1922 L. Krumm, Westinghouse's Superintendent of Radio Operations, referred to Westinghouse's "station at East Pittsburgh, now known as KDKA, the matured successor of 8ZZ" Extensive regional publicity by Westinghouse heralded the upcoming broadcast, both among technically knowledgeable amateur radio enthusiasts, plus, through the organization of public listening sites, toward a more general audience of potential future radio receiver purchasers.During the war, Westinghouse received government contracts to develop radio transmitters and receivers for military use.They used recently developed vacuum tube equipment that was capable of audio communication.

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J., and Springfield, Mass., where similar outfits will be employed." An application, signed by H. Davis, was submitted to the Eighth District Radio Inspector, S. Edwards in Detroit, who forwarded it to Washington, and on October 27, 1920, Westinghouse was issued a Limited Commercial station license, serial #174, with the identifying call letters of KDKA.

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