100 dating sites no credit card in israel

But you'll have to kick in a co-pay, so unless you're using a high-end phone, it may not be worth it.

What's in the fine print: To be covered, you have to pay your monthly cell phone bill with your credit card, and you may have to file a police report or other paperwork to prove that your phone is gone.

Of course, as with all credit cards, "the devil is in the details," says Loftus -- so pay attention to the fine print.

But first, check out our list to see what perks you might be missing out on, how much they could save you and how you can take advantage. How it works: Don't have a prayer of scoring seats at the Lady Gaga concert?

You won't be covered if a pre-existing condition flares up or if your destination turns into a war zone.

You'll also have to provide a doctor's note to prove your case. How it works: Discover's Cash-Over program lets cardholders essentially use their credit card as a debit card.

When Citi rolled out its Private Pass feature, it sold select concert tickets to cardholders for a pop.Introduced to convince cardholders they were getting a bargain despite a hefty annual fee, many of these extra benefits fell by the wayside over time, forgotten in a sea of fine print.But hidden benefits may be seeing the light of day once again.What it's worth: You can get back up to ,500 from Discover if illness forces you to cancel your trip, and 5 per day if your trip is delayed.What's in the fine print: Only a few reasons are considered just cause to cancel: the death of an immediate family member, a serious illness or an injury.

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Plus, some cards maintain a list of products that aren't covered -- everything from antiques and jewelry to DVDs and computer software. How it works: If your cell phone gets damaged or stolen, your credit card will buy you a new one.

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